Cane-o-la serves fresh cane juice in many flavors including classic plain, mint, ginger, lemonade, pepper, sweet & salt.
Party Orders
You can order fresh cane juices for your parties with Cane-o-la. Contact our our Sales Manager for your requirements. While calling, please calculate and tell us the approximate volume that is required for the event.
Investor's Welcome
Ready to invest in our outlets...!   Areas in bangalore   Jayanagar, Vijaynagar, Majestic, Mahalakshmi Layout, Indranagar & other leading areas in bangalore.   Cane-O-La plans to have outlets in IT sector, commercial areas & all metro states and leading towns in India.   All business associates & venture capitalists are welcome.   For more details click here.
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Medi-Cane-al Values
Values per 100 gms edible portion  
Water 70 to 75%
Sucrose 11 to 16%
Reducing Sugars 0.4 to 2%
Organic Non-sugars 0.5 to 1%
Moisture 90.20%
Protein 0.10%
Fat 0.20%
Minerals 0.40%
Carbohydrates 9.10% - 100%
Calcium 10.0mg
Phosphorus 10.0mg
Iron 1.1mg
Calorific Value 39
THE Cane-o-la's SUGARCANE JUICE   CANE-O-LA Sugar cane juice is produced with the best quality sugarcane that is organically grown especially.   CANE-O-LA use scientifically designed equipment at a central warehouse cum pre-preparation kitchen to select clean and peel the sugarcane before transporting it in refrigerated containers to their destination.   CANE-O-LA Sugar cane Juice is extracted only when required by a single pass of the pre-chilled sugarcane thought a crusher. Utmost care has been taken at all stages to ensure that every glass of our sugarcane juice maintains its nutrient value, purity and freshness.   CANE-O-LA Sugarcane juice is a high-energy drink that is natural, sweet and is a healthy alternative to refined sugar added drinks. It quickly replaces lost energy in the most arduous of circumstances.   CANE-O-LA Sugarcane juice has many medicinal properties. It strengthens the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and sex organs, many people are recognizing the benefit of sugarcane juice in providing positive well being with health benefits. Sugarcane juice is used as a commonplace remedy for fevers, genitor-urinary disorders, jaundice and thinness.   CANE-O-LA Sugarcane juice is popular with sportsmen and women who are looking to top up their levels of muscle glycogen. Sugarcane juice is a more effective way of replacing this carbohydrate energy than refined sugar based soft drinks, particularly for endurance training / events.   CANE-O-LA Sugarcane juice has great reasons to switch to nature's recipe for good health. Which is a totally natural, Healthy and hygienic DESI refreshment produced for the first time as part of the sugarcane movement.